Marek Bartos emphasizes creating the meaningful work concepts and their transferring to the real, no matter how many time it will take.

Born and raised in Prague, Czech Republic, he completed his studies in University in Zlin. He moved to US in 2002, where he continued his studies and work experiences.  After his traveling worldwide, he has returned and settled in Prague.

Since the 2000 Marek Bartos’s work combining the traditions and modernity presents the images depicting scenes in which we move daily altogether, which surround us and provide background for the acting of our life roles.  Images reveal us the unique beauty of charming details of ordinariness and simplicity and the unique signals transmitted by human entities, encrypted in facial expressions and body movements. As self translator, author shows us confession of the nature, which he received during his wanderings in the landscape. With great precision, Marek isolates scenes from the landscape. By framing and directing our gaze he helps us discover the small details. Lately he is working on upcoming exhibition and book.